Web3 Brand Design

Sebastien Sim, a multifaceted strategist, artist, and innovator situated in Singapore, aspires to launch his inaugural decentralized web3 product through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

He enlisted my assistance in transforming his ideas and vision into a comprehensive brand, including a brand name, a compelling narrative, a sophisticated art direction, a cohesive visual identity, and support in converting his artwork into digital products. Together, our goal is to create a digital brand that resonates with a community of like-minded individuals.

The overarching inspiration for the brand primarily draws from 80s-90s anime art style, and constructing a collective narrative centered around the small individual striving to create a significant impact.

Suggested brand names:  FLUTTER, FURATA

The butterfly effect, rooted in chaos theory, describes the profound impact of small changes in initial conditions on the future state of a deterministic nonlinear system. In simpler terms, it illustrates how minor alterations can lead to significant outcomes. In the context of “Flutter,” a brand existing in the intersection of our world and the spiritual world (web3), Flutterers—its patrons—seek solace and companionship amidst the chaotic events of the world, finding a peaceful haven in this virtual realm.

The visual aesthetics of this option take inspiration from grandiose celestial spaces, the translucent beauty of the butterfly wings, and the glow of the full moon against the backdrop of the night sky.

Suggested brand names:  PENDULUM, FURIKO

A pendulum, suspended from a fixed point and influenced by gravity, regulates clocks due to its constant oscillation period. This accuracy in pendulum clocks may symbolize the catalyst for the accelerated pace of life since the Industrial Revolution. In the context of the brand “Pendulum” (Furiko in Japanese), it signifies that ordinary pendulum swings can yield unexpected outcomes. Within this space, individuals, united by mischief, employ timekeeping to strategize activities, revealing hidden nefarious adventures behind their seemingly harmless façade.

The visual aesthetics of this option take inspiration from time traveling, blending the creativity of the steampunk era with modern technology, and incorporating elements of retro dark academia architecture.

Suggested brand names: GURENTAI

Gurentai, an archaic term for young toughs or hoodlums, historically denoted gangs engaging in mafia-style activities. In modern times, Tokyo Gurentai refers to a pro-wrestling stable in Japan. Despite negative connotations, Gurentai can be seen as a community of underdogs—courageous individuals forming extraordinary bonds. In their secret hub, these rebellious individuals, seemingly blending in with the world, are motivated by mutual protection and a shared desire to contribute to a better society.

The visual aesthetics of this option take inspiration from Japanese street culture, embracing radical and avant-garde fashion, with a vibrant depiction of bustling streets adorned with neon lights.

The chosen direction is a combination of concepts two & three. The client preferred the maximalist, dark academia concept with the name “Gurentai”, this created a unique blend of classic, and casual aesthetics.

Dark academia is a visual style and a subculture that draws on idealized aesthetics of higher education and academia, often with books and libraries featuring activities such as calligraphy, museum visits, libraries, coffee shops, and all night studying sessions.

This visual style focuses on retro architecture and interiors (eg. Gothic), moody rich colors, and dark wooden furniture. In general, it is described as being maximalist and nostalgic.

This classic façade alludes to the duality in the troublemakers’ identity. By day, they blend in with the public and participate in the humdrum of modern life.

But by night, they retire at the café to find peace and respite, and unbeknownst to other patrons, accept their illicit assignments.

I proceeded to craft a comprehensive visual language around this concept. designing the brand’s logo variations, developing interior concept art, as well as mockups, color story, typography, and a brand guidelines document.

For the NFT art, I curated a fashion moodboard proposing distinct eras and clothing styles for the NFT character art. I also produced a comprehensive color index chart, edited and developed NFT files, and optimized the export process for generating an unlimited number of unique NFT digital files with varied feature combinations.

Client: Sebastien Sim, Singapore.
Project: Brand Naming, Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Typography, Color Palette, NFT Templates.