Linda Tanjung Oasis Art Direction

In collaboration with Is Creative Studio-based in Semarang, Indonesia; I was tasked with developing three design and art directions for a commercial & residential real-estate company.

The client wanted to reflect the company’s unique location as one of the new developments in Tanjung Tabalong region in South Kalimantan. They also wanted a touch of Islamic style in the designs in each of the three options.

 Southeast Asia is famous for its floating markets, and South Kalimantan is no different, with its pasar terapung (floating market) Lok Baintan in Banjar regency.

Modern Arabic calligraphy provides the optimal vehicle to communicate the dynamic flow that we want to achieve for this concept.

Developed from a Kufi base; the logo icon features the acronym LITOS in Arabic letters, the word itself is not used in Arabic language which makes it a free property for the brand to assign meaning to it. 

The vertical orientation evokes the aesthetic features of the word, while also resembling the shape of a top view of a boat.

This color palette offers a selection of primary and secondary colors. Blue is an industry favorite. It signifies dependability, trustworthiness, and strength. While grey provides balance. Yellow is inspired by the many tropical crops of the region, it adds a splash of energy and warmth. The light grey and light green offer support and make a well rounded color theme.

The sigh of relief once you get there after a long day of travel, the sense of tranquility and harmony, and the fulfillment of all your needs found in this tropical oasis. As the sanctuary provides all its finest for its inhabitants; Linda Tanjung Oasis aims to be the destination for travelers, nearby employees and adventure seekers in South Kalimantan.

A fixture of Islamic architecture is the arch. Evident in both entrances and interiors, Islamic arches are categorized into four main styles: rounded, horseshoe, pointed, and keel.

In combining all the elements of this concept, we arrive at an abstract view of the oasis “The doorway to the sanctuary”. By color-blocking we create a stained glass look that gives us a view inside the sanctuary.

The logo type is developed from a classic serif font that keeps the consistency of the style in this art direction. The name “Linda Tanjung Oasis” is accompanied by the location “Southern Kalimantan” for the purpose of emphasis.

Inspired by the colors of the tropical forest, an array of cool and warm greens sets the tone and gives our palette the sense of prosperity. A bright orange adds energy and friendliness accompanied by a washed out orange to provide balance.

As gems are unearthed and discovered beneath mere stones, Linda Tanjung Oasis being located in a remote location 4 hours away from any big city, is truly the hidden gem of Tanjung Tabalong.

Islam was no different in acknowledging the beauty and allure of gemstones. One of the most revered relics in Islamic tradition is “The Black Stone” that marks the Eastern corner of the Kaaba and is used to mark rituals such as Tawaaf (circumference of the Kaaba).

Gemstones have been seen as a proper ornament for both men and women and have been used in various types of accessories such as rings and praying rosaries (Misbaha).

Modulated from an organic asymmetrical shape, the logo icon bears a formidable presence. The icon shape is developed by taking the average shape of the Arabic letter ” ح” the first letter of the word “gemstone” in Arabic.

The texture inside is two fold: First, the scribbles are a freehand writing of the brand name (LITOS) in Arabic, they open up the dense space and give it depth. Second, the colorful texture gives richness and a distinct memorable look for the icon.

Picked from the colors of the finest gemstones, purple is the color of luxury and wisdom. Blues are dependable and serene. A very light grey is added for good measure. Then we top that off with a dash of classic gold, the color most associated with success, achievements and triumph.

Client: Linda Tanjung Oasis.
Project: Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Typography, Color Palette.
Agency: Is Creative, Indonesia.