L’ETO Packaging

One of my greatest strengths is turning conceptual mockups to ready-for-print die-lines made to scale. This is an iterative process often involves problem solving and original solutions.

This packaging concept was designed by my colleague based on a Purse Box design from The Dieline; a creative platform that exists to serve the packaging community. The original Purse Box features a triangular silhouette that stands alone, and can be grasped by the top handle. The flap closure fits over and through the handle, tucking into the die cut slot on the other side.

Due to the specific needs of our client, my colleague suggested to add additional height to the box as to not crush the delicate products inside (cake & pastries). This meant that the die-line needed reconfiguration to create a different flap design.

Through trial and error methods, I was able to create a well-tested, foolproof die-line that is ready to fly to the printer and to the production line. I continued designing the rest of the client’s packaging with the same process.

Client: L’ETO.
Project: Packaging.
Agency: Haya Design Studio, Saudi Arabia.