Knight’s Journey

“As the knight traverses the hills and mountains, he collects red roses and avoids enemies all day long. To what purpose does he endure such hardship? “

Knight’s Journey is a platformer 2D game that I designed for the Game Design and Development Specialization by Michigan State University. Throughout the course we were provided with instructions and raw building assets. As part of the final project, we were asked to take the sandbox building blocks that we developed throughout the course and create & develop a cohesive game. We were encouraged to make significant changes to the given game concept. Here are my significant modifications:

A. Design mods:
– Change the game title & character’a name.
– Design 3 complete levels to the concept of time: Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight.
– Modify the touch input UI.
– Design the Girl character for the end scene.

B. Gameplay mods:
– Introduce Hazard Dirt as a death zone.
– Introduce Lava as a death zone.
– Introduce Waterfall as a slippery void that the player can fall through.

C. Aesthetics mods:
– Change backgrounds according to time of day.
– Change the colors of the mountains & clouds accordingly.
– New music! Credit: @CathranMusic.
– Animate Lava, Waterfall & create a Water Dirt block from the Lava Dirt block.
– Create and animate stars for level 3.
– Animate the Girl character & create the final scene.

* For the best WebGL experience and resolution, open with Firefox.