Gemstone Study

As part of a research for a current branding project; I developed a passion for gemstones. Whenever we think of precious gemstones we think of a spectrum of colors, textures and finishes. There’s truly a gemstone for everyone and for all kinds of moods. 

Using acrylic gouache as my medium gave me the freedom to layer color washes to achieve semi-realistic shadows and highlights without fear of re-activating the lower layers as with regular gouache (acrylic gouache behaves just like regular acrylics, once dry it’s permanent). But unlike glossy acrylics, acrylic gouache has this matte velvety finish just like regular gouache. The brand I used is Holbein, they are a Japanese brand known for their artist-grade vibrant colors, and this collection did not disappoint.

Since acrylic gouache behaves like regular acrylic, speed of painting is of the essence, and it’s quite impossible to empty the paint in pans and palettes and re-activate them with water when needed just like most other mediums. To help ease the stress and fear of wasting too much paint, I created what is known as a wet-palette. A wet palette is created using an air-tight container, a flat sponge and some form of parchment paper. By keeping the flat sponge and paper wet, closing the lid often, paint can be reusable for days.

Medium: Acrylic gouache on paper.
Brand: Holbein Acryla Gouache. De Goya watercolor paper, Algodón series.