Fancy Café Full Rebranding

Fancy Café is an Oman-based café serving beverages and snacks. The company approached me to rebrand and refresh their visual identity.

As a full rebranding project; it was important to zero in on what made the previous design not work for the client. Taking a few steps back, defining the target audience and unique selling points (USPs) all help in bringing a fresh perspective to the design process. 

The chosen concept is developed based on the idea of sophisticated taste. Quality, experience, and taste can describe the ideal experience of the café’s patrons. This concept is visually represented by elegant and smooth typography, nuanced colors and diverse textures.

Developed from a cursive display serif type, the logomark design features smooth and sleek curvatures. The use of lowercase letters in the title “fancy” gives it variation of shapes, while using uppercase for the description line “café” balances the whole design.

The brand color scheme is designed to evoke the proper feelings in anyone visiting the café. The primary blue and green symbolize freshness, integrity and calm. While the bright secondary colors – much like coffee does – add a jolt of energy and lend themselves to well-rounded experience.

To complement the simple logo mark; unique watercolor textures were designed and then digitized to create seamless patterns that are used across all brand communications such as the stationery, the packaging and even the signage design.

The brand manual is a crucial document to help familiarize users with the core brand visual elements, assisting them in producing dynamic and powerful communications.

Interior photographs of the final application are courtesy of the Agency.

Client: Fancy Café.
Project: Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Stationery, Packaging, Signage, Uniforms.
Agency: Creative Soul, Oman.