Web3 Brand Design

Sebastien Sim, a multifaceted strategist, artist, and innovator situated in Singapore, aspires to launch his inaugural decentralized web3 product through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

He enlisted my assistance in transforming his ideas and vision into a comprehensive brand, including a brand name, a compelling narrative, a sophisticated art direction, a cohesive visual identity, and support in converting his artwork into digital products. Together, our goal is to create a digital brand that resonates with a community of like-minded individuals.

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Athar Art Direction

“Athar” – The Health Endowment Foundation, is a nonprofit entity dedicated to enhancing the healthcare sector in the Sultanate of Oman. Its primary mission is to elevate the quality of healthcare over the long term by leveraging contributions and donations from both individuals and corporations.

I was entrusted with the responsibility of devising a brand name, conceiving three distinct design and artistic concepts, preparing press kits, and crafting social media templates for the foundation, all in close collaboration with their production agency.

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Bilingual App Design: UI/UX for an Insurance Fintech

Aamin is an upcoming insurance app targeting clients in the GCC region. I was approached by the developing agency in order to brand and design the application itself. A great insurance system allows people to plan ahead without fear of the unknown. Aamin as a marketplace elevates people’s choices and gives them withstanding solutions to their insurance needs.

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OUT. in quarantine Demo & Concept Art

 “How you survive the days in is how you get out”

“OUT. in quarantine” is a spin-off game of the original “OUT.”. Now that our recluse and weary protagonist “Vee” is forced to live in lock-down just like most of us. With no chance to resume life as per usual in the outside world in the near future, with a lot of worries, uncertainty and a lot of time on her hand.  How will “Vee” survive quarantine days on her own? 

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Madame Ching: Game Art Concept

“.. and beware the Englishman’s skeleton, for he roams the caves for gold, bound by his eternal service for the Crown.”

This game concept is titled “Madame Ching: and the Skulls of the Crown” and it’s a 2D platformer pirate game. The main character is based on the historical figure and Chinese pirate Zheng Yi Sao (a.k.a Ching Shih), the most successful pirate in history. 

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Asyad Instagram Campaign

To celebrate Oman’s 50th National Day; I was commissioned to create a unique Instagram campaign for Asyad Group; an end-to-end logistics solution provider in the Middle East. 

The design concept was developed around the content of their main business services in handling in shipping. I went with an isometric design to utilize the space and create interest around the rich content and accomplishments that Asyad wanted to highlight in the campaign. 


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The Shooter: A Game Re-Imagined

The Shooter: A Day of Reckoning.

A Cinematic interactive psychological drama/ shooter game. The game follows two main characters: Jane, a widow of a criminal and the protagonist; Jake, a crime leader in-hiding and the antagonist.

I developed this game script as part of the “Story And Narrative Development For Video Games” course from the CalArt’s Game Design Art And Concepts Specialization. We were given a basic story outline with two characters -a protagonist and an antagonist- and a main plotline. We were encouraged to go beyond that scope and develop our own spin on the story, flip the characters dynamic, develop our own game mechanics, and create our own unique game world. 

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Knight’s Journey

“As the knight traverses the hills and mountains, he collects red roses and avoids enemies all day long. To what purpose does he endure such hardship? “

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Houmra Podcast

A simple and clean logo design for a podcast that aims to discuss social trending issues from a female perspective. The logo mixes a modern Arabic typface with a traditional one to showcase the inclusivity of the old & new.

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