Bilingual App Design: UI/UX for an Insurance Fintech

Aamin is an upcoming insurance app targeting clients in the GCC region. I was approached by the developing agency in order to brand and design the application itself. A great insurance system allows people to plan ahead without fear of the unknown. Aamin as a marketplace elevates people’s choices and gives them withstanding solutions to their insurance needs.

Once the brand’s visual identity is established, I moved on to develop the ideal user experience and user flow for this app. By understanding the user’s thought process, I was able to map out the different paths they can take in the application, therefore, identifying the pages that need designing.


Taking into account the developer’s scope and role in the project, I moved on to design the wireframes. Wireframes allow the designer, developer, and client to define and plan the information hierarchy of the application design.

Once the wireframes are finalized, then they are converted into the user interface. I designed all wireframes and UIs bilingually, following each language’s correct reading direction.

The next step was to create the accompanying web app. Taking into account the ratios of desktop screens, I adapted the layout to optimize the user experience on wide screen devices.

Client: Aamin Insurance App.
Project: Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Mobile App Design, Responsive Web Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, User Interface, Fintech.
Agency: Creative Soul, Oman.