Asyad Instagram Campaign

To celebrate Oman’s 50th National Day; I was commissioned to create a unique Instagram campaign for Asyad Group; an end-to-end logistics solution provider in the Middle East. 

The design concept was developed around the content of their main business services in handling in shipping. I went with an isometric design to utilize the space and create interest around the rich content and accomplishments that Asyad wanted to highlight in the campaign. 


Oman’s map takes center-stage in the design with the most prominent sea ports highlighted in order of importance. Each port plays a curial role in the annual achievements of Asyad, this is visually reflected in the use of iconography and typography.

An isometric design gives many opportunities to create contrast and hierarchy through size, shapes, colors, and text orientation creating depth and the illusion of a 3D space.

When designing for a grid, it is important to balance the content of each individual post with the content of the entire post collection as a whole. Keeping all key information and visuals within the safe zone of each post insures that they will not be sliced by the margins. It also insures that the viewer will find valuable information in every single post.

All artworks were recolored to prioritize the brand’s main color palette. Ships and containers were branded using actual reference images provided by the client. Finally, to create a local look, some of the human characters were given the traditional Omani attire to reflect the brand’s values and commitment to the community.

Client: Asyad Group.
Project: Instagram Campaign Posts.
Agency: Creative Soul, Oman.